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Décoratrice d'évènement

Do you want to organize your event? You want a lot of things but you can't prioritize them? Are you hesitant about the colors? The cake ? The place ? The theme ? You want an event that looks like you but you don't have time to set everything up?

This is where I come in.

I'm          ,

support your organization compared to what you imagined.

Abby event designer
Event in your image Peaceful preparations

I free you from all forms of stress and I take care of everything. I am here to support you, find your service providers and set up your decoration. All you have to do is enjoy. Whatever your event, don't hesitate, I'm here.

Ready to fly away with me?

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So how do we do ?
Les offres


event organization and decoration offer

This price corresponds only to my fees, ie: the design, organization and coordination of your event.

So this price does not include decorative items.

  • Discovery meeting - Free

  • Service contract

  • Availability emails & message text 10 a.m to 8 p.m + creation of a Wathsapp group

  • Online and shared work tools, available 24/7

  • Realization of a retroplanning

  • Realization of an inspiration board and specifications containing all the decorative elements.

  • Finding the place of reception

  • Creation of a floor plan

  • Setting up a plan A and B

  • Search for all providers

  • Accompaniment and advice for appointments with service providers catering tastings

  • D-day coordination: Arrival first at the reception venue - departure after dessert or the opening of the ball

  • Installation / uninstallation of decoration

  • Management of payments to service providers on D-Day

  • Management of service providers on D-day

  • Contingency management

* Additional mileage costs for any event taking place within a radius of more than 30km from Beaumont Sur Oise.

Are you still hesitating? I'm going to reveal myself a little (a lot?) to you...


As I told you above,

I am Abby,

Before arriving here everything was not so clear, I first looked for myself from a professional point of view.

My story

I am a 32 year old female who love music, sneakers and cooking.


I started as an event decorator then I decided to get into the world of event organization.


I was an animator, then resumed my studies on a work-study program, during a BTS tourism, to achieve one of my dream jobs which was to be a stopover agent. I was as close as possible to the planes, rubbed shoulders with the air hostesses and stewarts. I was able to board many planes and discover the different classes. Aaaah I saw planes and passengers. What I preferred was to make my announcements when I boarded. It is a very hard and satisfying exercise at the same time. But hey, I was quickly disillusioned when I realized that I didn't only have friends there. But this relationship with the air stayed with me. I systematically offer myself if someone needs to be dropped off at the airport because I love the energy that emanates there. And more since small I love to travel.


I've been lucky enough to fly many times and travel to destinations like Guinea, where I'm from, the Spain, the Portugal, the Germany, the England, the Greece, them UNITED STATES, the Canada or even the Mexico. Of course, I hope to expand this list. I think that these many trips have fed this appetite which has developed in me a keen interest in travel and led me to careers related to the airline industry.


Since then I have worked in administration where I quickly felt the need to undertake. Making passion for organization I have always decided to start. Was born “OH ABBY DAY”, company in which I decided to combine two of my interests: travel and organization. And then you say to me: Travel agency? Not at all, I absolutely did not enjoy the experience. I want a job where people need my expertise and that I can enjoy what I do. Here we go, so I'm launching into the decoration of private events. It's not enough for me... I need more responsibility...Here I am in the organization of your event projects. I look forward to sharing these moments with you.

Les avis

Ils m'ont fait confiance

Tout le monde a aimé ! Merci beaucoup.



Thousands of thanks will not be enough!!! You went beyond my expectations for the decor of this double event that was so important to me.
"Bapti'versary"a real concept!!

I also thank you for the before, during, after... You are a woman on top! And for the woman in me who likes things square, you really ripped it all up. 🔥😍❤️ Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.



Thank you, it was great with the decor! My sister was happy it was unanimous.



Too pretty ! Wonderful. Very nice job!



Everyone liked it! Thanks a lot.




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